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Prime Video, with its agency, Herezie, launched a campaign promoting its parental control settings. This is a very important feature for many parents, allowing them to restrict access to unsuitable content for their children. According to a French study, children have spent an average of 7 hours a day behind a screen during the lockdown.

Jade, Thiago and Marilou, three young Prime Video members, were asked to use their imaginations and draw what the titles of some Prime Video Original series meant to them. Controversial, or violent series reserved for an adult audience, basically series they quite simply haven’t been able to watch. Each drawing will be the subject of a film retracing the child’s experience and focusing on their imagination. The observation of a human truth in the form of 3 video capsules.

These same drawings become also be the subject of an OOH campaign around Paris, promoting three Amazon Original shows. The children will therefore become the youngest art directors in the history of Prime Video and will be credited for the campaign. Their work is displayed next to the real posters of the series, thus drawing a parallel between the reality of the series and children’s interpretations of them.


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