Type DigitalFilm

How could we promote the mobile money transfer feature between individuals?

In everyday life, we talk about the money we borrow, the money we save, the money we invest and the money we use in our daily lives that creates links with our families, our friends and our loved ones. This money is the money in people's real lives. Love stories, family stories, small purchases, big dreams… This campaign was based on a new way of communicating focussed on people’s daily lives: "All your stories can count on Paylib."  

The campaign centered on the mobile payment service between individuals "Paylib between friends", highlights these connections in an insightful and real way with a film saga. 

Impact: verall brand awareness increased by 27% between 2018 and 2022. Consideration of Paylib as a solution associated with peer-to-peer transfer has increased by 11% since 2020.


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