SUPERWEAR for Prime Video

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After the runaway success of the first season of The Boys, the most popular series on Prime Video, how do you recreate discussion and interest in the series for the launch of the second season? 

Recent studies prove that watching a series or film with a mobile phone on your private parts can put your fertility at risk. For the launch of season 2 of The Boys, we created SUPERWEAR: the first anti-binge-watching underwear (for men and women) that protects the private parts from elements that can affect fertility by partnering with the pioneering technology company: Lambs.

A collection of underwear signed by Vought International (the company in charge of the superheroes in the series) and composed of 3 panties and 4 briefs in the colours of the 7 superheroes of the series.
Sold on a platform dedicated to the operation (, all profits from sales were donated to the Fertility and Sterility Foundation (part of the Fondation de France).


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